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Welcome at Salon Désir We are a luxury lingerie boutique that is here to feed your desire and inspire your naughtiness. We believe desire is the driver for having an exciting life. And we know desire can be fueled. Our products are selected to trigger your curiosity, your playfulness and your sexiness. But we do it the classy way. Who says you can't be provocative and chique at the same time? Are you ready for some excitement?
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The seductive art of anticipation

You can feed desire. Nothing makes your lover desire you more if you create anticipation. It is the seductive art of putting off sexual gratification by not giving your lover what he wants right away, but ensuring he knows he will get it later. It’s all about making someone crave for you whole day long. How? Try wearing garters belts with stockings underneath your dress or skirt. But make sure your lover ‘accidentally’ catches you when putting them on. Coming home will be more exciting than ever.

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Are you ready for some perfect seduction?

Are you ready to turn a regular weekday night into a special seductive evening? Well, you can. It goes something like this. Start with running a hot bath with the bath tea. The scent will embrace your body. Slip into some sweet colored lingerie and then add some seductive black contrast by wearing the lace mask and holding the feather tickler. Put on your heels and walk towards your lover. Have a nice night! And remember…sleep is overrated.

1. Petit bonbons love bath tea – Bijoux Indiscrets € 5 | 2. Féerie Précieuse string – Maison Close € 47 | 3. Berry Kiss boudoir bra & bow tie briefs – Fleur of England € 97 & € 108 | 4. Rue des Demoiselles triangle bra – Maison Close € 34 | 5. Les Romantiques lace mask – Maison Close € 24 | 6. Villa Bel Ami garter body – Maison Close € 64 | 7. Les Burlesques long feather tickler – Maison Close € 28

Let’s get naughty

Life is far too serious sometimes. So, why not get a bit playful and naughty? You can put some light-heartedness in your life. Of course the Salon Désir way, so your lover will want to play along with you. We are talking about playing an adult game after all. Get yourself some accessoires and try together what makes you love life get that extra spark of fun and lust. Isn’t that a perfect combination?

1. Les Coquetteries sheer black stockings – Maison Close € 11 | 2. Rue des Demoiselles briefs & push-up bra – Maison Close € 34 & € 54 | 3. Les Fetiches whip – Maison Close € 62 | 4. Au coeur des rêves massage candle rose ancienne – Maison Close € 24 | 5. Les Romantiques pearl cuffs – Maison Close € 49 | 6. Les Burlesques feather fan – Maison Close € 37 | Rue des Demoiselles body – Maison Close   Rue des Demoiselles string – Maison Close € 99 & € 29

5 ways to spice things up

How to seduce a man? It might seem a challenging task. But sometimes all you need is the right tool kit to add some spice to the evening. That’s why we’ve selected these five items. Start living your fantasy now >>


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